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Security Services
"Most reliable & efficient Security"
An Integrated Hi-Tech Security Solutions Provider to Corpora-te, Govt. Industrial and regula-tory bodies for protection and safety of facilities and assets.

About us:
Krishnapatnam Security Services Pvt. Ltd., is incorporated under the companies Act 1956. KSSPL was established in 2009 to provide security and other service needs of Krishnapatnam Port Company Limited and CVR Group of Companies.

To develop thoroughly dedicated and professional security force to protect the resources, assets of Krishnapatnam Port Company Limited, CVR Group of Companies and other Private and public undertakings in the vicinity of the port.

To provide most reliable and efficient security services and solutions to Corporate, Govt. Industrial and regulatory bodies for protection and safety of facilities and assets.
To provide comprehensive security protection to commerce and industry.

Professional security protection provided by a trained Security Force.
A full fledged Security Training Academy which can cater to different types of security needs of all Industries and Institutions.
The gateway to generate efficient security personnel to meet the needs of industry and corporate bodies.

The KSSPL Training Academy is located with in Krishnapatnam Port premises near Gopalapuram Village, which is about 3 km from Mutthukur town in Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh.
Academy situated in a pleasant and pollution free area with extensive green belt adjacent to CVR Complex.

Team of Faculty:
Academy is proud to have trainers with vast experience in training uniformed forces such as Army, CISF and Local Police using conventional methods such as Physical fitness, Drill, lathi and also non-conventional methods such as Yoga to enable total transformation of body and mind.
Senior officials from various organizations are invited to share their experiences with trainees.
Experts in the field of Law, Police, Industrial Safety, Fire & Safety and Technical Services and periodically invited to deliver guest lectures.